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for mind blowing, soul stirring, heart exploding, orgasmic pleasure?

The kind of pleasure that goes far beyond the bedroom and ripples into your entire life?

Do you want to experience

Epic orgasms

Full body pleasure

Radiant sexual energy

Authentic sexy confidence

A rich and fulfilling sex life

More self-love

Well, it’s ALL possible baby!

The O Program is here to awaken your ultimate orgasmic experience, deepen your intimate bliss and revolutionise your sex life

So you no longer have to struggle with:

Feeling “broken” in the bedroom

Barely there pleasure

Uncontrollable mind chatter during sex

Faking orgasms

Sexual anxiety

Feeling disconnected from your body

Low sexual desire

Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of missing out on all the fun! You want more! You want to feel more, love more, grow more and experience sexual play that is truly profound and transformative.

Then you have come to the right place sugar pie! (pardon the pun!)

“To be honest I was really resistant to The O Program. I was worried it would be full of the same stuff I’ve heard a million times before. But I can honestly say that it has been the best thing I have done for not only my sex life but for myself in general! I can’t recommend it enough.”

- TARYN H, 34

The O Program

The O Program is blend of ancient sexuality teachings and modern science. It’s a cocktail of East, and West creating a refreshingly new blend of old wisdom for the modern woman. This course is perfect for any gal who desires to transform not only her sexual pleasure, but her entire life from the inside out!

The O Program is a discreet – four week – online course that can be completed at your own pace, in your own bedroom! Each week a brand new module will unlock (within the members-only area) containing in-depth guidance videos, audios, home-play assignments, and worksheets. There is also a bonus module full of resources to take things even further!

The O Program also comes with a special Partner Zone for my ladies who wish to include their partner along way. Each week will contain a special “partner friendly” video plus a couples practice assignment focused on building the skills of epic intimacy, increased desire and heart opening connection.

And there’s more!

You’ll also have the opportunity to join the members only private Facebook support group, which means you’ll have direct access to me! Yep, I’ll be there with you every single step of the way offering extra guidance, support and teachings. It’s a place for you to feel safe to share your breakthroughs and breakdowns whilst having your new tribe right behind you!

Worried you won’t keep up? No need my dear! You’ll have lifetime access to all course content, so if life gets in the way, you can come back to the program whenever it suits you. And because it’s already all there waiting for you, you don’t have to worry about showing up live!

Warning – if your looking for a quick fix or Cosmo-ish sex advice. You’re in the wrong place. The O Program is designed to create radical change using powerful and transformative practices and wisdom. It is not for the semi-committed. Be prepared to dive deep.

“Tara, your incredible wisdom and loving heart made this journey truly inspiring and life-changing. You made me see where I was blocking my own pleasure and with such compassion helped me to shift it. I am so happy to report I’m now having mind-blowing orgasms! Ha!”

- JODIE K, 41

“Nothing short of transforming. Thank you!”

- BEC S, 29

A Tiny taste of The O Program

Week one

Mastering mindset for epic pleasure
Busting sexual blocks
The divine turn on
An integrated Queendom

Partner Zone: Heart centred connection + communication for lovers

Week two

Prioritizing  pleasure
Feeling good under the hood
Coming to your senses
The art of surrender

Partner Zone: Awakening the body – a ritual for the senses

Week three

Sexy and sacred
Cultivating sexual energy
Healing sexual shame
External O’s – here we go

Partner Zone: Soul sex for epic couples

Week Four

Diving deeper into bliss
De-armouring 101
Internal O’s to blow your mind

Partner Zone: Yoni massage for sexual healing


I’m keeping these a secret.

You will just have to wait to find out what else I have in stored for you!


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Absolutely! This course is made for you!

There’s nothing wrong with using a vibrator, but if you want to expand your pleasure repertoire you’ll love what I have in stored for you.

I sure do. Each week within the Partner Zone, I’ll give you and your partner the tools to creating bedroom bliss! My apologies to your neighbours in advance!

What you put in, is what you’ll get out. At the very least, I recommend spending 25 -35 minutes, three times a week watching the videos and doing the practices. There is also a daily morning practice to be completed each day (don’t worry it’s short!)

No problemo. You have lifetime access to content.

That’s fine, I will keep everyone in the loop via email whenever I have extra goodies to share. Plus, I’m just an email away!

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“So in-depth and comprehensive. You sure covered all the bases and I loved that you combined theory and actual practices in such a beautiful way. I learnt so much!”

- YASMIN L, 38


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About Tara O

I am totally devoted to assisting women in reclaiming their sexual power so they can feel radiant, sexy, alive and turned on! I have spent the last 7 seven years traveling the world learning from the most prominent and influential sex educators, Tantric masters and relationship experts. As a teacher, I combine the ‘sacred’ and ‘scientific’ to create a ‘East meets West’ flavour of holistic sexual education for the modern woman that is relevant, easy to integrate and most of all transformative. I’m also the author the best selling book Wildly Irresistible and founder of the Jade Egg Academy.

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